afterimage 2 – installation concept

all we are going to do is predefined, not in a spiritual but a subconscious way. our brain already knows when we want to move our hand, go left or right, look at a certain direction or think of something, just an instance before we do it. this scientific fact raises questions about fate and free will. are we free and conscious beings or just slaves of our subconscious mind?
this also questions the structure of time we live in. how can we say to live in the present if our actions and thoughts have already been defined a mere moment ago. as a consequence we have to accept that everything and everyone actually lives and acts in the future, or the subconscious present. therefore all we experience is just an image of the past, an afterimage of ourselves.

what if someone really experiences life in this future frame of time? what if all actions are percepted ahead of time and can’t be undone? this installation tells a story of a man who is trapped in such a twisted form of reallity.

the audio/visual installation consists of a box which has an opening on one side. it’s complety dark inside, a piece of cloth is shading the light coming from the outside. a loudspeaker inside the box is telling the story in a form of an inner monologue. opposite of the opening will be a monitor that flashes pictures according to the storyline. the pictures will only remain for a moment following a dark pause of some seconds. the viewer will see an afterimage of the displayed picture inside the darkness of the box.

I will wake up in a minute. My eyes will open, I will see the light coming through. My dreams will be vanished, my body powered up to full operational mode. All this will happen, already has happened. I still sleep, but I’m already awake….

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